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Services Available for Client Employers

Full recruitment:

We provide staff for all areas of distributor, retail, service, sales parts and administrative sectors of the motor industry and provide either generalist or key appointment/management style recruitment. The core sectors we involve ourselves in are.

  • Automotive
  • Heavy Automotive
  • Heavy equipment and construction machinery
  • Farm machinery
  • Marine
  • Forklifts

Our full recruitment service encompasses all the services listed below.

Structured project managed key appointments

Automotive Employment NZ Ltd have a structured key appointment process available where best practice recruitment strategies are implemented.

With a foundation of experience dating back as far as 1991, no New Zealand company has had more exposure to executive placements in the New Zealand motor industry than Automotive Employment NZ Ltd.

Our key appointment processes are designed to be completely transparent.  This philosophy creates  the opportunity for the employer to monitor every process of the assignment our belief is that this is entirely appropriate at an executive level.


Ultimately when it comes to recruitment at senior levels employers will look for a track record of success.  It is this track record that sets Automotive Employment NZ ltd apart from other companies.  We are proudly able to provide an extensive testimonial portfolio of both recent assignments and past successes that date back over a period of 2 decades.

Our resources in this sector of the market place are unparalleled, our connectivity with candidates in the executive sector of the New Zealand motor industry is industry leading.  Our contacts are global and national.  We employ a qualified psychometrist and are New Zealands only motor industry recruitment company that does so.

Multi layered services

Our clients require us to be able to provide a range of solutions, for this reason Automotive Employment NZ provide 4 separate products.

  • Gold standard executive assignments
  • Silver standard management assignments
  • National and international search assignments
  • Casual recruitment listings

Discover the process that best suits your hiring requirements or talk to us about an assignment tailored to the processes you would like us to deliver.

Candidate Interviewing

Automotive Employment NZ are often asked  for a second opinion when employers are making their own hires.  We can provide a service for clients where we interview, provide psychometric assessments  and reference check candidates.  This service can provide an independent second opinion and also be useful for offshore employers requiring impartial feedback.

Psychometric assessments

Contact us to discuss with our in-house psychometrist the range of assessment facilities we have available.

You find out information that you would not otherwise: verbal reasoning skills, numerical skills, resilience to stress. Logical reasoning skills, spatial skills  and a whole suite of personality attributes.

Our assessments are based on New Zealand norms so you can compare how your candidate stacks up against other New Zealanders in the role now.

We have a range of assessments suitable for every level right up to the highest executive levels.

 Verbal reference checks

Most companies hate completing verbal references so much they rarely complete them as they should, in most cases this is not work that you can contract out to someone who does not understand the industry. At Automotive Employment NZ our consultants all have extensive automotive backgrounds, whether your references are in the United Kingdom or Kaitaia, Automotive Employment NZ will complete three references cost effectively. A welcome relief to the stressed out HR manager we’re sure!

The references will be supplied to you via email and delivered right to your desktop with all contact details supplied and the names of those we have contacted.

Police checks

Aside from many companies simply not understanding how to conduct police checks or too busy to bother, it is difficult to argue the rational and logic behind completing these checks. Request a Police check on your next assignment

Credit checks

A full credit checking facility is available upon request