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Work Visas

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Work Visas

Workers in New Zealand enjoy a more relaxed working environment than those in many countries. We value our work/life balance so that we may enjoy spending quality time with family and friends. Having a very low level of unemployment we need skilled people to help our country grow.

The most common work visas are:

Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV)

This temporary entry visa is for you if you have a job offer from an accredited employer and the necessary skills and qualifications. Some roles may need registration in New Zealand. This visa is valid for three years if you are paid at or above the median wage and up to 2 years if you are paid below the median wage. You may be eligible for a Straight to Residence Visa or, after two years in the role, either a Work to Residence or a Highly Paid Residence Visa.


The AEWV is an employer-led process and includes 3-steps.

  1. Employer - Accreditation

  2. Employer - Job check

  3. Migrant - Visa Application

Partner of a Worker Work Visa

If your partner is eligible for a work visa, then you may also be able to work here. You can stay for as long as your partner’s visa conditions allow. You can work at any job. Note that not all workers are eligible to support a partner to work. See your immigration adviser for details.