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Available Candidates

Available Candidates - Interviewed & ready for immediate start

We provide staff for all areas of the distributor, retail, service, sales, parts, and administrative sectors of the motor industry and provide either generalist or key appointment/management style recruitment. The candidates have all been thoroughly interviewed and are available now.

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  • 115733

    Group Service Manager/Aftersales Manager

    Ref: 115733

    Starting out as a technician working on premium car brands, this senior manager has worked for some of the most reputable groups in New Zealand's motor industry. Currently in a Group Service Manager role, he is looking for his next challenge and would also consider a change to the heavy motor industry.

  • 120906

    Auto Electrician

    Ref: 120906

    ​This candidate is a qualified auto electrician and spent 8 years with one employer and qualified in 2017 - he completed installations, repairs, construction of harnesses and panels, maintenance, and rewiring, as well as training of apprentices on mining machinery and utes. He will be relocating from South Africa with his wife and two young children.

  • 115402

    Bus Mechanic

    Ref: 115402

    ​Originally from Pakistan but now in the UAE since 2019, this technician has worked on Volvo buses since 2016 and has experience in servicing, repairs, and maintenance of engines, steering, suspensions, hydraulics systems, and electrical systems, and also has solid diagnostics skill. He will consider various locations.

  • 111064

    Service Manager / Aftersales Manager

    Ref: 111064

    ​Starting out his career as a technician, this candidate worked his way up the ladder to Aftersales Manager of a franchise dealership. Having worked for his current employer for more than 15 years, he also previously held a Service Manager position at a leading Hawkes Bay dealership.

  • 114515

    Diesel Technician - C/E, Trucks, Forklifts

    Ref: 114515

    ​A qualified mechanic with experience on construction equipment, trucks, drill rigs, trailers, farming equipment and, for the last 12 years, forklifts and EWPs. He will consider any location

  • 106883

    Forklift Technician

    Ref: 106883

    This diesel mechanic started his career working on trucks, trailers, and buses for 13 years before moving on to forklifts for almost 10 years. He has worked on leading truck and forklift brands and is currently based in the Bay of Plenty

  • 111255

    Diesel Mechanic

    Ref: 111255

    ​A well experienced diesel mechanic who is now running his own workshop. He has worked on a range of heavy equipment and vehicles including trucks, forklifts, earthmoving and agricultural equipment, as well as cars. He spent 5 years at a leading forklift company and is looking to relocate with his family anywhere in NZ

  • 118275

    Aftermarket/Franchise Automotive Technician

    Ref: 118275

    ​A Malaysian national currently in Australia with an Australian mechanic qualification. He has worked in both franchise and aftermarket workshopss and therefore has experience on a range of car brands including Mazda, Toyota, Holden, BMW, VW, Audi, Merc, Hyundai, and Kia. Looking to relocate to anywhere in NZ

  • 115440

    VW Technician

    Ref: 115440

    ​With on tools experience since 2017, this technician qualified in 2021 and has remained with the same VW dealership since starting his apprenticeship. He was awarded Employee of the Year in 2022 (beating out 40 other staff) and has also worked on Audi and Asian vehicle brands. Relocating with his fiancée - open to location

  • 88499

    Automotive Technician

    Ref: 88499

    ​Having qualified in 2018, this young technician worked for a multifranchise dealer representing Merc, Fiat, CJD, Alfa, GWM, Haval, and Mitsubishi. He has since moved over to an aftermarket workshop specialising on Mercedes vehicles. He is looking to relocate to NZ alone and will consider any location.

  • 64289

    Automotive Technician (various brands)

    Ref: 64289

    ​Originally from the Philippines, this qualified tech has also gained franchise and non franchise experience in Rarotonga and now Australia where he has been working in an aftermarket workshop since late 2021. He has experience on various car brands and also holds an Australian Light Mechanic qualification. Open to location.

  • 88394

    Euro Brands Automotive Technician

    Ref: 88394

    ​Having started out on Asian and American brands, this qualified technician has been working for BMW, RR, and Mini dealers since 2011. He is open to working on any brand and will consider any location.

  • 122787

    Leading Hand wanting Field Service/Off Tools Role - Hamilton

    Ref: 122787

    ​This candidate is a qualified diesel mechanic with an employment history focused on trucks although he has also worked on cars and earthmoving equipment previously. He is after a bit of a change and would like a Field Service, Foreman, or off tools role e.g. Workshop Controller. Hamilton based

  • 120922

    Truck Technician

    Ref: 120922

    A trade qualified diesel mechanic as of 2016 - he has on tools experience going back to 2010. With a focus on trucks including UD, Scania, and Iveco trucks, this tech has also worked on some LDVs, construction equipment, and passenger cars. Prefers to relocate to Christchurch.

  • 87649

    Automotive Service Advisor - Auckland

    Ref: 87649

    ​An experience technician with experience on volume and prestige brands. He has good communication skills and a polished, corporate presentation and is looking to get off the tools into a Service Advisor role. Based in Auckland.

  • 123018

    Diesel Technician wanting Leading Hand/Foreman role - Auckland

    Ref: 123018

    ​As an experienced diesel technician, this candidate is looking to move back into a Foreman/Leading Hand role. He has worked on UD, Mack, Volvo, International, Scania, Freightliner, Foton, and Iveco trucks as well as farming equipment and cars in the past. Auckland based

  • 121159

    Administrator - New Plymouth

    Ref: 121159

    ​This candidate is based in New Plymouth with an Open Work Visa - she has 10+ years of administrative experience including in packaging and asset management companies. She has completed additional training such as with SAP and gained a Secretary Certificate.

  • 63159

    Parts Advisor - Auckland

    Ref: 63159

    ​A candidate with this much parts experience is rare - he has worked as a Parts Advisor in non-franchise as well as franchise operations. Brand experience includes Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Mazda, among others, as well as some heavy diesel experience. He is looking for a change and would also consider Parts Sales Rep roles

  • 65298

    Diesel Mechanic Foreman/Workshop Manager - Auckland/Hamilton

    Ref: 65298

    ​A seasoned diesel mechanic with experience on trucks, forklifts, and construction equipment. This candidate recently completed an overseas contract in an Ops/Service Manager role for a construction company. He is looking to get back to working for a NZ employer in a senior mechanic/middle management capacity.

  • 116874

    Diesel Mechanic - Auckland/Hamilton

    Ref: 116874

    ​This is an experienced earthmoving equipment mechanic having worked on various leading equipment brands such as Bell, CAT, Hitachi, Komatsu, Kobelco, Hyundai, JCB, etc. Equipment he has worked on includes trucks, excavators, loaders, skid steers, diggers etc. Looking for a change.

  • 121388

    Aftermarket Automotive Technician

    Ref: 121388

    ​This dual qualified (heavy and light automotive) technician has worked for the same employer since 2016. He has worked on cars, panel vans, and utes across various brands including Ford, VW, Merc, Hyundai, Renault, as well as Hino and Fuso trucks. Wanting to move to Tauranga with his wife.

  • 109606

    Spray Painter

    Ref: 109606

    ​A qualified spray painter with supeervisory experience that has worked in BMW/Mini, Volvo, and Ford franchise dealerships as well as large panel and paint workshops. Has used Sikkens, Standox, Glasurit, RSB, R-M, BMW paint solutions. Offshore migrant open to any location.

  • 66129

    Bus Mechanic

    Ref: 66129

    ​With more than 10 years of post apprenticeship experience, this Bus Mechanic is looking to relocate to NZ from offshore. He would consider any location. He has worked on Scania, Volvo, and Yutong buses, Cummins and Volvo engines, as well as Volvo, Scania, and DAF trucks.

  • 119809

    Apprentice Technician - Bay of Plenty

    Ref: 119809

    ​Having completed a level 4 automotive engineering qualification, this candidate is now looking to join a franchise dealership to complete a formal apprenticeship and become a qualified automotive technician. Cars are his passion though he would consider a heavy technician opportunity with suitable training.

  • 120900

    Truck Mechanic - Auckland

    Ref: 120900

    ​This technician holds a heavy vehicle technician qualification since 2014 and has worked in both fleet and franchise workshops. With some prior experience on construction equipment, buses, and cars, his focus is on trucks and has worked on Hino, UD, Isuzu, Fuso, Scania, Freightliner, Kenworth, Mack, Iveco and MAN. Would relocate for the right opportunity.

  • 112638

    Diesel Mechanic

    Ref: 112638

    ​A qualified mechanic that has worked on farming equipment (John Deere), trucks (Volvo, Scania, Freightliner, Merc), construction machinery (Komatsu, CAT, Hyundai, SsangYong, Bell), and forklifts (Bell). Wanting to relocate to NZ with his family - will consider any location.

  • 74985

    Forklift Technician

    Ref: 74985

    ​This candidate is a forklift/material handling equipment technician with prior experience on construction equipment. He has completed courses with Toyota, having worked with a Toyota forklift dealer for 6 years. He is now working on Jungheinrich forklifts, and has exposure to various types of forklifts including diesel, LPG, and battery/electric operated forklifts.

  • 83620

    Diesel Mechanic

    Ref: 83620

    This diesel mechanic started out as a diesel fuel injection technician before completing an apprenticeship with a well respected farming equipment company. He has gained 15+ years of experience on a variety of equipment including agricultural and construction machinery, trucks, and forklifts across various brands. Looking to relocate to NZ - open to any location.

  • 108100

    Truck Mechanic - Tauranga

    Ref: 108100

    A ​qualified diesel mechanic with 15+ years of experience on a range of truck brands including Merc, Hino, Isuzu, Iveco, and Mitsubishi. Wanting to relocate to Tauranga from elsewhere in NZ to be closer to family.

  • 111426

    Vehicle Sales - Wellington

    Ref: 111426

    ​This experienced vehicle salesperson will be in Wellington in Jul/Aug with an open work visa and will be able to start work immediately. He has excellent CSI ratings, as well as both Euro and volume vehicle sales and sales management experience in the franchise sector and is looking for his first role in NZ.

  • 103268

    Bus Mechanic

    Ref: 103268

    ​An experienced bus mechanic with 9 years of experience on Iveco, MAN, and Mercedes buses, this technician also has 5 years of experience on earthmoving equipment and locomotives. He will be moving to NZ from South Africa with his wife and young son and is open to any location in NZ.

  • 111142

    Heavy Auto Electrician

    Ref: 111142

    This candidate is a senior auto electrician, having qualified in 2004. He has worked on trucks, forklifts, and earthmoving equipment, selling more than 150 hours of labour. He has also received the Employee of the Year award from 2009 to 2012 and currently holds the Team Leader role (100% on tools) with 12 auto electricians reporting to him. Open to location

  • 108578

    Auto Electrician - Hawkes Bay

    Ref: 108578

    ​This qualified auto electrician is currently based in Hastings and is looking for an auto electrical opportunity - if it's field based, all the better! He has several years of experience mainly on cars, as well as on trucks, tractors, buses, graders, and even golf carts, including the fitment of GPS units and other accessories.

  • 112926

    Automotive Technician - Auckland preferred

    Ref: 112926

    ​A qualified technician with a franchise background on passenger cars including Nissan, VW, and GM brands since 2008. Wanting to relocate to NZ with his wife and young child - northern suburbs of Auckland are preferred though will consider anywhere in NZ.

  • 87684

    Diesel Mechanic

    Ref: 87684

    ​Dual qualified as a motor mechanic and diesel mechanic, this senior technician has worked on a range of construction equipment and trucks for more than 20 years. Brand exposure includes CAT, Komatsu, Bell, Babcock, Hitachi, MAN, Mercedes, Hino, UD, and Iveco.

  • 109690

    Senior Auto Electrician

    Ref: 109690

    ​This well experienced, qualified auto electrician has almost 2 decades worth of franchise auto electrical experience including team leader and service management experience. Franchise training on Merc, Mitsubishi, and Nissan. Open to any location in NZ

  • 108906

    Automotive Technician

    Ref: 108906

    ​This JLR Level Technician has a stable employment history having worked for the same employer in Saudi Arabia since early 2014. He is currently busy with his level 4 JLR training and has prior experience on Hyundai. Will relocate anywhere in NZ

  • 75717

    Automotive Technician

    Ref: 75717

    ​Most of this technician's experience has been on European cars but he has also been exposed to Asian car brands, as well as trucks, tractors, generators all within both franchise and aftermarket workshops. Looking to relocate outside of Auckland

  • 110643

    Automotive Technician

    Ref: 110643

    ​Currently working on Yamaha marine engines and motorbikes, this qualified technician previously worked for a Toyota franchise dealer in Fiji for 5 years. YTA Five Star Technician and Toyota Technician brand training. Open to any location.

  • 110870

    Automotive Technician

    Ref: 110870

    ​This trade qualified mechanic has more than 7 years of post apprenticeship experience on a range of passenger vehicle brands including Isuzu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki. Will consider any location in NZ

  • 97120

    Sales Manager / Dealer Principal - Auckland preferred

    Ref: 97120

    ​A driven, experienced automotive manager with several years of sales as well as sales and general management experience with European vehicle brands. Prefers Auckland but open to location for the right opportunity (sales manager or DP roles)

  • 109412

    Truck Mechanic

    Ref: 109412

    ​Having started his career on cars and then moving over to trucks, this technician qualified in 2018 as a diesel mechanic and has worked on Mercedes, Volvo, Hino, and Scania trucks, as well as Merc buses, and Volvo, Cat, and Komatsu machinery. Will relocate anywhere in NZ with his young family.

    Heavy Diesel Trades | Diesel Mechanics | Mercedes Benz | Truck Mechanic
  • 109572

    Truck and Bus Mechanic

    Ref: 109572

    ​With 12+ years of experience on the tools, this technician qualified as a car mechanic in 2004, and then as a diesel technician in 2018. He has mainly worked on MAN trucks and buses, and wants to relocate to NZ - open to various locations.

    Heavy Diesel Trades | Diesel Mechanics | Truck Mechanic
  • 109560

    Truck Mechanic

    Ref: 109560

    ​This diesel mechanic qualified with a Hino dealership and has since gone on to gain experience on a range of trucks, trailers, earthmoving equipment, cars, and buses. He has remained with the same employer since early 2017 working on MAN, Hino, UD, Volvo, Freightliner, Powerstar, and Isuzu trucks and buses. Open to locations.

    Heavy Diesel Trades | Diesel Mechanic | Truck Mechanic
  • 81131

    Mercedes Master Technician

    Ref: 81131

    ​This Master Technician has worked in Mercedes-Benz dealerships since the start of his automotive career in 2013. He will be moving to NZ alone and is open to any location.

    Automotive Technicians | Mercedes Benz | Master Technician
  • 97654

    Branch/Service Manager - Wellington

    Ref: 97654

    ​This candidate has held several senior management roles including Service, Branch, and Regional Manager across both the light and heavy automotive industries, and franchise and aftermarket businesses. He is looking for a new challenge within the Wellington region.

    Automotive Trades | Service Manager
  • 75950

    Diesel Technician

    Ref: 75950

    ​Qualifying as a mechanic in 2016 and then going on to complete Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Technician brand training in 2019, this truck mechanic has remained with the same Merc commercial vehicle dealer since May 2012, including Working Foreman experience. He will be relocating with his wife and is open to anywhere in NZ.

    Heavy Diesel Trades | Diesel Mechanics | Truck Mechanic
  • 108617

    Hyundai Master Technician

    Ref: 108617

    ​Qualifying in 2008, this Hyundai Master Technician has gone on to work for the first and oldest Hyundai agent in Saudi Arabia. He has worked there as a technician since 2014. He is open to any location in NZ and will look to settle with his wife and 2 children.

    Automotive Trades | Automotive Technicians | Master Technician
  • 108260

    Vehicle Sales

    Ref: 108260

    ​Though not entirely all automotive related, this candidate has a solid sales background including European vehicle sales, having achieved top salesperson in the dealership in 2018 and 2019. He is based in Auckland and currently working outside the industry but wanting to return to vehicle sales.

    vehicle sales nz | New Zealand car sales jobs
  • 69957

    Assistant/Service Manager - Auckland

    Ref: 69957

    ​This Assistant Service Manager completed a automotive technician qualification with an additional auto electrical certificate and his AVI ticket. He worked his way up to Assistant Service Manager after working on the tools for 6 years. He is looking for his next step up in his career after 7+ years of stable employment.

    Automotive Trades | Service Manager | Aftersales Manager
  • 107948

    Forklift Technician

    Ref: 107948

    ​A highly experienced mechanic with 12+ years of experience focused on forklifts including TCM, Linde, and now Nissan since 2013. This qualified technician also has prior experience on construction equipment, cars, trucks, and tractors and is open to a range of locations in NZ.

    Heavy Diesel Trades | Diesel Mechanics | Nissan
  • 70795

    Aftersales/Management/Fleet - Auckland

    Ref: 70795

    ​This qualified diesel mechanic has several years of experience on a range of heavy vehicles and equipment, with recent workshop and fleet management experience. He is interested in a range of off tools roles including workshop/service advising, fleet maintenance, or hire supervisor.

    Automotive Trades | Service Advisor | Workshop Manager | Service Manager
  • 109555

    Honda Gold/Master Technician

    Ref: 109555

    ​This candidate is an expert on Honda, having completed his Honda Gold Technician brand training. He has worked for a Honda dealership within a large motor industry organisation in the UAE since the end of 2016 and wants to move to NZ with his wife.

    Automotive Trades | Automotive Technicians | Honda
  • 97304

    Hyundai Master Technician

    Ref: 97304

    A qualified and experienced technician having started in the industry in 2004, this technician has remained with the same employer since 2015 and worked his way up to Hyundai Master Technician. Open to any location in NZ

    Automotive Technicians | Master Technician
  • 109324

    Diesel Mechanic

    Ref: 109324

    ​With a focus on agricultural machinery, this qualified diesel technician also has exposure to forklifts, cranes, drill rigs, trucks, construction equipment, and light passenger vehicles. He is open to locations in NZ where he will relocate to with his wife and children

    Heavy Diesel Trades | Diesel Mechanics | Diesel Mechanic
  • 70780

    Diesel Mechanic - North Island

    Ref: 70780

    ​This qualified and highly experienced senior mechanic with several years of experience on farming machinery is looking for a bit of a change. He has supervisory experience, a stable work history, excellent references, and has worked a little on cars on trucks. He is open to relocating anywhere in the North Island.

  • 76958

    Workshop Manager - Auckland

    Ref: 76958

    ​A qualified technician with more than a decade of industry experience, this candidate moved up the ranks to Service Advisor, Senior Service Advisor, and is now a Workshop Manager for an aftermarket workshop. He is looking to get back into a franchise dealership and has the communication skills and professional presentation suited to this environment.

    Automotive Trades | Workshop Manager
  • 88810

    Dealer Principal - Auckland

    Ref: 88810

    ​Multiple years' experience as a Principal Sales Manager across multiple volume brands and is one of NZ's truly capable people leaders. Experience spans across both the retail and distributor sectors of industry. Now looking for the next step into a Dealer Principal role and comes highly recommended.

  • 106699

    Diesel Mechanic - North Island

    Ref: 106699

    ​An experienced technician with 11+ years of experience on a range of vehicles and equipment including trucks, small engines, tractors, and construction/earthmoving equipment, with a focus on forklifts. He will consider roles in Auckland, Hamilton, as well as other smaller towns on the North Island.

  • 19364793

    Workshop/Aftersales Manager - Taranaki

    Ref: 19364793

    ​A qualified diesel technician with experience on material handling equipment, LCVs, trucks, trailers, and utes, this candidate has 10+ years of management experience

    Automotive Trades | Permanent | Workshop Manager | Service Manager
  • 19107768

    Heavy Parts Person - Auckland

    Ref: 19107768

    ​With a parts and accessories qualification, this candidate has run service stations, workshops, and a panel shop, and has since gained 3+ years of heavy parts experience. Based in Auckland and keen for a new challenge

    Heavy Diesel Trades | Automotive Trades | Sales | Permanent
  • 2057414

    Senior Service Advisor - Auckland

    Ref: 2057414

    A qualified technician and qualified Service Advisor, this candidate offers senior service advisory experience, having also held acting Service Manager roles when required. Keen to get back into a role that offers incentives and 'something to strive for', this hard working candidate with stirling references is not to be missed!

    Automotive Trades | Sales | Permanent | Administration
  • 6471365

    Group Financial Controller - NZ

    Ref: 6471365

    With a solid background holding financial controller and accounting roles at top franchise dealerships in the UK, this professionally presented candidate has recently moved to NZ with his wife and is looking to start in a similar role. Currently south of Auckland, he is open to relocation

    Executive Management | Automotive Trades | Heavy Diesel Trades | Sales | Permanent
  • 5834929

    Automotive Technician - Christchurch

    Ref: 5834929

    Currently in an aftermarket garage repairing European vehicles, this technician wishes to join a franchise, preferably to work on the Mercedes-Benz brand considering he has more than 3 years of prior experience on Merc. He has completed auto electrical courses and has strong diagnostics skills.

    Automotive Trades | Permanent
  • 2059411

    Diesel Mechanic - Auckland

    Ref: 2059411

    This is a well experienced candidate with a stable employment history, with an average tenure of 4+years. He has been working on volume brand light vehicles for several years but, with a diesel mechanic qualification and prior experience on light trucks, he wants to get into the heavy sector.

    Automotive Trades | Heavy Diesel Trades | Permanent
  • 2077531

    Workshop Supervisor / Team Leader / Foreman - Auckland

    Ref: 2077531

    Recently made redundant, the majority of this candidate's employment was spent in Workshop Supervisor and Product Development roles for a large aftermarket automotive accessories company. He is keen on similar roles based in Auckland

    Automotive Trades | Heavy Diesel Trades | Sales | Permanent
  • 16329378

    Mechanic - Auckland

    Ref: 16329378

    A candidate who has been working in light vehicle compliance in Auckland for several years but has prior diesel mechanic experience as well as a heavy vehicle qualification and is wanting to get back into the heavy sector.

    Automotive Trades | Heavy Diesel Trades | Permanent
  • 14493284

    Workshop Controller / Foreman - Wellington

    Ref: 14493284

    A trade qualified mechanic with WOF in Wellington. He offers over 7 years of franchise experience as a technician including premium brand training, as well as some volume brand experience.Now looking for a Workshop Controller/Service Advisor role as a new challenge.

    Automotive Trades | Heavy Diesel Trades | Permanent | Administration
  • 14827662

    Parts Manager - Auckland

    Ref: 14827662

    This candidate is a well experienced Parts Manager, having spent the better part of the last decade at a large farming equipment company. She also has prior light aftermarket parts sales and branch management experience. Looking for a similar role in heavy or light parts and is available immediately.

    Automotive Trades | Heavy Diesel Trades | Sales | Permanent
  • 2083446

    Aftermarket Automotive Technician - Auckland

    Ref: 2083446

    This trade qualfied mechanic offers experience in aftermarket workshops as well as on motorhomes. His references are impeccable, he has a great personality, and is certainly a candidate you do not want to miss out on.   Available for permanent roles in Auckland.

    Automotive Trades | Permanent
  • 12755316

    Qualified Aftermarket Technician - Palmerston North

    Ref: 12755316

    This local is a qualified automotive technician based in Palmerston North. He offers 11 years of aftermarket experience and also has exposure to MIG welding, diesel generators, and small trucks.

    Automotive Trades | Heavy Diesel Trades | Permanent
  • 2058998

    Apprentice - Auckland

    Ref: 2058998

    Looking for an opportunity to kick-start his career as a technician. Although working full time (in another industry) he is studying on a Mon & Tues night completing his Level 3 Automotive Engineering papers which will be complete in September this year.

    Permanent | Automotive Technicians