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Migrant Support

Our support section for new migrants.

Recommendations for immigration processing

Like many countries in the O.E.C.D immigration has become a political football. Constant changes to immigration policy mean that it has become increasingly difficult for migrants to  successfully process their own work permits.  For the purpose of doubt, just one error can lead to weeks of delays.  Many New Zealand employers will employ a migrant on the basis of being able to commence within reasonable time frames, get the process of processing your work visa or residency wrong and such an error can lead to a withdrawn job offer. For this reason it is common sense  to follow our recommendation that you use a licensed immigration adviser when moving to New Zealand.


Do not make the error of attempting to self process your work permits or residency.  Just in case you are tempted to make this error, please talk to us.  We will happily introduce you to migrants who made the error and lived to regret it.


From 4 May 2009, the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007 requires that anyone who provides immigration advice in New Zealand must have a license from the Immigration Advisers Authority, unless they are exempt from the requirement to hold a license.


To comply with this legislation Automotive Employment NZ Limited ask our off shore job seekers and those in NZ requiring permits to proceed in the following manner.


Step 1; Contact Automotive Employment NZ Ltd to register your interest in applying for work here in New Zealand. A job offer in many cases may be critical to your application, this is the obvious place to start.


Step 2. Automotive Employment NZ Ltd will commit to providing a detailed reply advising on the likelihood of us assisting you and which areas we are able to do so.


Step 3. Once we have the recruitment  process underway lets talk to us about about immigration advisers.  We do not make money out of referring you to an immigration adviser but thousands of applicants have found Automotive Employment NZ over the decades, most have learnt our recommendations will save thousands of dollars.


Step 4. Using the right adviser is also not just about money it is about efficiency so selecting the right company is important.  Those long established and reliable advisers both here in New Zealand and in your home country are well know to us.  This is not to say the most expensive is always the best.