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Skype Interview Tips

Skype Interview Tips

Invite the user to connect on skype

At least one user has to invite the other on Skype. Ensure you have either sent or received this invitation and that the party who has been sent the invite has accepted it.

Do a Run-Through

To avoid technical issues, ask a friend to stage a ‘rehearsal’ with you so you can test your equipment and settings.

Activating Video

If you cannot see the other user there are three icons at the bottom of the screen. Click the one that looks like the movie camera. If there is a line through the icon you have not activated the video. You may also have to get the other user to do the same.

Background Noise

Soundproof your immediate environment, close windows to avoid external noise. Where possible, arrange for children to be looked after and ensure that pets are not in the immediate vicinity.

Mobile devices and broadband speed

Mobile data rarely download at the same speed as fixed broadband or UFB connection. Skype interviews on mobile devices can cause issues with video streaming. The same can be said for slow internet connections, the quality of the live streaming video will only be as good as the connection. If your connection is likely to be slow find a connection that has quick broadband or UFB connection.

Hardware quality

A good camera produces a good photo and the same principle is applicable to webcams. Do not use a cheap or outdated webcam if you want a successful Skype interview. Many earlier model portable devices and laptops have poor webcams installed so consider using a PC with a fast connection and upgrading the webcam.

Screen Placement: Your Background

Adjust your webcam so that the ‘interviewer can see your head and shoulders. Be very mindful of what the webcam could pick up in the background. The employer does not need background distractions, a blank wall is best.

Prepare as you would for a face to face interview

It might be late at night when your consultant or employer commences a Skype meeting but the employer is likely in their working day and will not be impressed if you are dressed casually. The exception is if you are employed as a technician where smart casual is acceptable.

Interview Etiquette

New Zealand employers largely prefer to be addressed by their first name. The formality of addressing the employer by their Sir Name or as Sir or Madam has not been used since the mid-1970s. It is appropriate to be warm friendly and relaxed in a New Zealand interview.