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Distributor’s Response to the Lock Down

Distributor’s Response to the Lock Down

Posted on 26th March 2020 by Russell Phillips

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Motor Industry Association Chief Executive David Crawford says as we head into a Covid-19 alert level 4, Distributors of new vehicles and their franchised dealerships have quickly responded to ensure all non-essential services are shut down.


During this unprecedented time the only functions of distributors and their franchised dealers to remain functional will be to supply parts and to service or repair vehicles used in the supply of essential services.


While there remains some ambiguity over what may or may not be done during the lockdown, it is clear that if we are to stop the virus in its tracks then we need to take strong and decisive action. The expectation is all services will close unless there is a clear and demonstrable need to keep vehicles operational for the delivery of essential services.


The Motor Industry Association, along with the Motor Trade Association, endorses the Government’s position that New Zealand needs to shut down to save lives. We ask the public to be understanding if a request to service or repair your vehicle during this time is declined. The sooner we can stop the spread of the virus the sooner New Zealand can reopen for business.