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Open and working remotely during level 4.

Open and working remotely during level 4.

Posted on 18th August 2021 by Russell Phillips


The team at Automotive Employment NZ are working remotely during level 4.


There need be no change to our services for either our client employers or job applicants.


Job interviews can be conducted online using Zoom, Teams, Skype, Go to Meeting or even Facetime or WhatsApp.


The team has access to our records with our normal phone lines cloud based and accessible by all employees. Calls can be transferred externally as normal.


Lockdowns give us all opportunities, for employers a short window to secure applicants other companies may be holding back on due to the lockdown means there is a slight easing of the market….use this window of opportunity!


Skills shortages are at a 50 year high, literally there has never been a tighter supply of skills in modern history.

For job seekers

At home under level 4 lockdown conditions, you have both the time to explore roles and an unprecedented level of opportunity in terms of vacancies. It is possible to make an application, attend an online interview and complete a job offer before you even exit level 4, or level 3 if outside Auckland or Coromandel.

Right now nearly 70% of job offers are coming I at up to 30% above applicants current earnings. The skills shortage has placed you in the driver’s seat. …EXPLORE OPPORTUNITIES NOW! You would be mad not to.