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How to turn a lockdown into a 30% wage increase?

How to turn a lockdown into a 30% wage increase?

Posted on 19th August 2021 by Russell Phillips

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Right now, if you are in New Zealand, you can increase your income by as much as 30% in the next 7 days. Not only is a 30% increase possible but we have several employers providing sign on bonuses that could add another $2000 + income right now.

Before we show you how ridiculously simple this is in a level 4 or 3 lockdown, consider for a moment what an extra 30% more income looks like. Use your take home pay figure and add 30% to it.

If you have completed this exercise, ask yourself how important a 30% increase in pay is going to be over the next few months. From the June 2020 quarter to the June 2021 quarter, the CPI inflation rate was 3.3%. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand is tasked with keeping inflation below 3%.

After a period of historically low mortgage rates, banks are starting to shift rates upwards. The ANZ Bank for an example lifted their rates which came into effect on Tuesday August 17. Hire purchase interest rates, credit card rates etc. will lift also. Whether you are a homeowner or renting costs are about to skyrocket, so too will the cost of everyday household items having been fueled by border controls and government policies.

Assuming we agree inflation is about to hit you in the pocket you now need to decide what to do about it. Spending just one hour of your time in lockdown exploring whether a higher income is possible is common sense.

How to achieve a 30% increase in your income.

New Zealand is at a historical threshold. Skills shortages are at a 50 year + high. That means for any of us under the age of 70 there have never been more job vacancies in the motor industry. From March 3 to July 15, Automotive Employment NZ recorded a 17% increase in wage and salary rates in the NZ motor industry. With border closed supplementing skills from offshore is virtually impossible. Even when borders do reopen immigration setting are the toughest witnessed in at least 3 decades. Many companies are still expanding operations on the back of record retail sales and the number of recorded vacancies continues to increase every month. The number of job seekers verses jobs is disproportionately in favour of job seekers.

100% of job seekers securing employment though Automotive Employment NZ received significantly higher incomes from their job offers than they were previously earning in the last 4 months. While the average was 17% up until July 2021 rates are increasing at a level of rapidity, never before witnessed.

Many employees have no idea how their current incomes stack up against current rates and as many employers are unable to keep up with wage and salary trends in an overheated job market. It is therefore possible for many job seekers to secure up to a 30% increase when compared against current earnings contacting Automotive Employment NZ.

Why Automotive Employment NZ can secure you a bigger increase then approaching an employer independently

Automotive Employment NZ have literally hundreds of jobs listed right now, so many jobs that we are unable to write job ads as quickly as the jobs are arriving. We have a team of 4 dedicated motor industry recruitment advisers. Each Adviser is an expert on current wage and salary rates. Because we know what every job listing listed with us is worth, we are able to discuss rates and conditions knowledgeably. The alternative is to ring around 10 or 20 employers and find out what employers are offering. The problem here is most employers don’t discuss rates until after an interview, so it becomes time consuming. It is simply much easier to contact us and explore options with a phone call.

How do I contact Automotive Employment NZ during lockdown?

Easy, we are still open although are working remotely.

These are the options.


1.    Call us from 8am till 6pm Monday to Friday on 092713200.


2.    Some applicants just want to send their resume. The best way to do this is to click on the words Automotive Employment NZ and upload your resume. After this we will do the hard work


3.    Cant be bothered uploading your resume? Email and provide your phone number


4.    Cant even be bothered uploading your resume, we will make it even easier. Txt 0274790000 and txt the words call me