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The New Decade Starts Down Compared to the End of the Last Decade

The New Decade Starts Down Compared to the End of the Last Decade

Posted on 4th February 2020 by Russell Phillips

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Motor Industry Association Chief Executive David Crawford says that January 2020 registrations are down 6.2% (860 units) compared to the same month last year, with 13,078 new vehicles registered.

“As expected, the new year has continued the downward trend set during 2019. Expectations for the 2020 year is for it to be about four to five percent down on 2019, with the month of January coming in a bit softer than anticipated.”

Key points

  • Overall January 2020 registrations of 13,078 vehicles were down 6.2% (680 units) on the same month in 2019.

  • Pure electric vehicles were softer with 140 units sold in January, with PHEV’s up slightly at 88 units and 647 hybrid vehicles, continuing their strong sales for the month.

  • Registration of 9,099 passenger and SUVs for January 2020 were down 8.5% (843 units) on 2019 volumes.

  • Commercial vehicle registrations were down, just, for a fourth consecutive month with a total of 3,979 for January, down 0.4% (17 units) compared to January 2019.

  • The top models for the month of January were the Ford Ranger (885 units), followed by the Toyota RAV4 (569 units) with the Toyota Hilux in third place (473 units).

Market leaders in January

For the month of January, Toyota started the new decade as it almost always does as the overall market leader with 15% market share (1,903 units), followed by Ford with 12% (1,534 units) and the Kia third spot with 7% market share (964 units).

SUV and passenger vehicle sales in January and for the year

For the month of January, Toyota was the market leader for passenger and SUV registrations with 13% market share (1,220 units) followed by Kia with 11% (964 units) and then Mazda with 7% market share (674 units).

The top selling passenger and SUV models for the month were the Toyota RAV4 (569 units) followed by the Kia Seltos (430 units) followed by the Suzuki Swift (289 units).

Commercial vehicle sales

In a lead that changed frequently during the 2019, and sure to do so in 2020, Ford regained the market lead with 26% market share (1,024 units) followed by Toyota with 17% (683 units) and Holden third with 10% market share (381 units).

The Ford Ranger starts the year as it finished in 2019 in the top spot as the bestselling commercial model with 22% share (885 units) followed by the Toyota Hilux with 12% share (473 units) and the Holden Colorado in third place with 9% market share (373 units).

Smaller vehicles dominated the market in January

The top three segments for the month of January were once again SUV medium vehicles with 19% share followed by SUV Compact also with 19% market share and the Pick Up/Chassis 4x4 segment with 14%.