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Crime Rate Dives to 35 Year Low

Crime Rate Dives to 35 Year Low

Posted on 7th October 2015 by Russell Phillips


The NZ Crime and Safety Survey for 2014 were recently released which shows that the amount of recorded crime at its lowest level since official records started in 1980/81. There has been an overall 30 percent drop in the number of personal and household crimes being committed, while three-quarters of New Zealanders, thankfully, did not experience any crime. This is a marked improvement over five years.

​It’s also encouraging to know that fewer adults and young people are appearing in courts on charges. People also feel a lot safer in their neighbourhoods and walking in their local areas at night. New Zealand has a long-held reputation for being a friendly and safe country and this is certainly worthy of preserving. These results show that our plans for maintaining law and order by supporting and resourcing the great work of our Police officers continue on the right track.