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June 2021 New Vehicle Registrations Continue Strong Performance

June 2021 New Vehicle Registrations Continue Strong Performance

Posted on 5th July 2021 by Russell Phillips

Bulls Eye

MTA CEO David Crawford

Motor Industry Association Chief Executive David Crawford says that June 2021 sales of new vehicles reflects current market opportunities and constraints.


As has been the case for the year to date, the market continues to be logistically challenging with worldwide shipping capacity is still a long way off pre-Covid-19 levels and manufacturers still grappling with a worldwide shortage of semi-conductor chips.


Within these constraints the New Zealand market, year to date, continues to perform exceptionally well.


June 2021 registrations were 15,135 units compared to 11,514 units for June 2020. Year to date the market is up 57.7% (31,000 units) compared to the first six months of 2020. The month of June is the third largest on record and the first six months of 2021 is the strongest on record.


The introduction of the Clean Car Discount saw a slight reduction in the sale of PHEVs but BEV sales were reasonably strong. Hybrid sales are not yet eligible for a rebate and these remain strong. Year to date there are 1,641 BEVs registered, compared to the same period last year there were only 611 BEVs registered.

Key points

·                Overall, June 2021 registrations of 15,135 vehicles were up 6,822 units (82.0%) on the same month in 2020.


·                There were 342 pure electric vehicles, 52 PHEV’s and 1,113 hybrid vehicles sold for the month.


·                Registration of 10,306 passenger and SUVs for June 2021 were up 39.1% (2,895 units) on June 2020, while commercial vehicle registrations of 4,829 were up 17.7% (726 units) compared to June 2020. This is a record month of June for passenger and SUV vehicles.


·                The top three models for the month of June were the Ford Ranger (912 units), followed by the Mitsubishi ASX (740 units) with the Toyota Hilux in third place (632 units).


Market leaders in June / 2021


Toyota remains the overall market leader with 14% market share (2,153 units), followed closely by Mitsubishi also with 14% (2,119 units) and Ford in third spot with 8% market share (1,272 units).


SUV and passenger vehicle sales June / 2021


Mitsubishi was the market leader for passenger and SUV registrations with 14% market share (1,415 units) followed by Toyota with 12% (1,284 units) and then Kia with 10% market share (1,019 units).


The top selling passenger and SUV models for the month were the Mitsubishi ASX (740 units) followed by the Toyota RAV4 (487 units) and the Mitsubishi Outlander (408 units).


Commercial vehicle sales June / 2021


Ford regained the market lead with 22% market share (1,071 units) followed by Toyota with 18% (869 units) and Mitsubishi third with 15% market share (704 units).


The Ford Ranger retained the top spot for the month of June as the bestselling commercial model with 19% share (912 units) followed by the Toyota Hilux with 13% share (632 units) and the Mitsubishi Triton in third place with 12% market share (569 units).


Segmentation – Smaller SUVs hold their share


The top spot for June 2021 went to the SUV Compact vehicles with 25% share followed by the Pick Up/Chassis 4x4 segment with 17% market share and then SUV Medium with 15% share.