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240% increase in job listings in less than 6 months for Automotive Employment NZ

240% increase in job listings in less than 6 months for Automotive Employment NZ

Posted on 22nd April 2021 by Russell Phillips


​Compared to the 2019 year, Automotive Employment NZ has experienced an increase of 240% in job listings for 2021. The regional locations are experiencing severe skills shortages, the worst that we have witnessed in 30 years of business.

It is unlikely that New Zealand borders will open to pre-COVID levels prior to 2023 further compounding skills shortages. With this comes significant upward pressure on wage and salary rates that are unparalleled. Our predictions for 2022 are that we will see even higher levels of wage and salary growth.


Automotive Employment NZ is currently touring the North Island and are seeing an unprecedented level of vacancies available in virtually every region of the North Island and, soon to follow will be South Island vacancies. Visiting most dealerships around the North Island, Russell Phillips comments that it’s no longer a case of if companies have vacancies but rather the number of vacancies they have and how long these vacancies have remained unfilled. 


It is simply impossible to advertise every vacancy as, at current date, we have in excess of 270 vacancies nationally. If you are a job seeker in the market place there has never been a better time to pick up the phone and talk to our consulting team about the scope and volume of job vacancies emerging and the remuneration that can be secured in what is historically the most candidate short market that New Zealand has likely ever witnessed.


You can contact us confidentially via Freephone on 0800 67 57 47, on our landline 09 271 3200, or via email at