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Will job boards soon be redundant? What does this mean for job seekers?

Will job boards soon be redundant? What does this mean for job seekers?

Posted on 7th January 2021 by Russell Phillips

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TalentTap is the most powerful tool for job seekers to emerge in 30 years; “in our opinion it’s a game changer”

Automotive Employment NZ partner with TalentTap to turbo charge skills supply to NZ Motor Industry

An invite only APP that will soon be available to an exclusive audience of pre-selected job seekers…. will you be invited? 

A must read for all job seekers and employers.   

New Zealand motor industry has always been a tough place to find quality skills.  Employers use the same public job board technology year after year. Seek and TradeMe in the New Zealand job market have been the dominant force in recent years – so much so that, in our opinion, an unofficial duopoly exists. This will be debated, of course, but:


For the past 3 years we have predicted change for the job boards and recently that change arrived.


So, what is stronger than a job board? The answer is, TalentTap



TalentTap enables the recruitment company to engage with job seekers powerfully in a way that New Zealand has never experienced. It is simple – real jobs in real time. The job seeker registered with Automotive Employment NZ is invited to download the TalentTap App. The app notifies you of jobs you asked us to find for you. You simply click accept or decline.


If it so simple, why is it so powerful and why is this not already available?


No other app, job board, or tool has ever leveraged the power that TalentTap has. Consider this: 


Automotive Employment NZ is the holder of New Zealand’s largest database of motor industry candidates. We reiterate, this database is New Zealand’s biggest in our sector by a country mile!    We are headed towards our Director’s 30th year in the business. To be able to engage with our registered job seekers this easily is a game changer! Nobody has built an app for working with recruitment company and employer databases that goes anywhere near matching TalentTap.  This is exactly what recruiters, employers, and job seekers have needed for years and now it is here!

Automotive Employment NZ are New Zealand’s first recruitment company to on board TalentTap.    

Now consider that TalentTap has the potential to empower recruitment companies and corporate employers like ours right across the globe.  This may enable combined databases consisting of millions if not billions of job seekers globally to communicate more effectively with each other.  A bit like petrol, we may need job boards to power the databases for a while but when paired with other technology such as social media, job boards either must produce something special for recruiters and employers or they will end up being worth little more than wrapping paper for fish and chips.      

You would think meaningful engagement with our registered job seekers would be easy. The truth is we spend so much time trying to manage data and compliance it is near impossible to communicate EASILY with so many, this is despite all the available technology.  We also can’t go out there and just headhunt job seekers in a narrow industry like ours. If the job seeker does not come to you, there are ethical questions to consider.

TalentTap is different but we still do not headhunt – just like our normal recruitment, the job seeker comes to us first.  We can engage with job seekers in so many ways we previously could not, and this is on day one of the product's release. Surely it will develop further.

Pre-selected registered job seekers will soon receive an invite via their smart phones to download the TalentTap App – don’t ignore the invite as this is the most powerful job seeking tool at every level we have seen.

Here is how it works

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