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COVID 19 Stay tuned and connected important announcements are coming

COVID 19 Stay tuned and connected important announcements are coming

Posted on 2nd April 2020 by Russell Phillips

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Firstly, for all of you impacted by COVID-19 you have our sympathies.  

Our clients, job seekers, suppliers and even competitors included, none of us are excluded.  COVID-19 is an historical event, and nobody will walk away without some impact.  In future years we will all have our stories about how this event changed our lives.

The Automotive Employment NZ team are still working full time albeit from remote locations.


While we are all being impacted by COVID-19 business disruptions our own job board will be the primary place our job ads will be posted.   While a reduced number of ads may also appear on other job boards to access the full selection visit us directly.


Where to find our jobs and job board

As this news release is being sent out through other publications and social media, here are the instructions for those accessing our job board.

  • The Automotive Employment NZ job board is a fully commercial job board designed in a very similar way to the other leading job boards.   The exception being we are solely focused on motor industry jobs.

  • High tech search functions, news, job alerts, social media integration are just some of the functions.

  • Important announcements are coming, stay connected to us.  Click Follow us on Facebook and don’t forget to like the page.  This will provide employment news feeds.  When the news feeds come through like the news feed.


Where to find our news and announcements 

  • Automotive Employment NZ are also adding a COVID-19 Support and information section.  This will live within the next week


We know this will be an incredibly stressful time for all of you. Our thoughts are with you all.



Russell Phillips

Managing Director