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Corona Virus update - important information for those travelling to New Zealand

Corona Virus update - important information for those travelling to New Zealand

Posted on 6th March 2020 by Russell Phillips

Covid 19

Covid 19 is now in New Zealand and while it there are but 3 cases at the current date if you think this does not impact you, think again. 


Today we learnt one of our candidates who travelled from South Africa to New Zealand on Emirates flight EK450 from Bali to Auckland, New Zealand is now being tested for the Corona Virus.  This flight arrived in New Zealand on the 27th of February and had a passenger on board infected with Covid 19 who had travelled from Tehran to Dubai.  The infected passenger then boarded the flight from Dubai through Bali to Auckland. This was the same flight our candidate was on.


The candidate has not visited Automotive Employment NZ but has been informed he will need be tested for Corona Virus.  He will then likely be required to be self-isolated for 14 days after testing.  This is assuming this is the advice from our government agencies. Although unlikely it is entirely possible a period of enforced isolation could also occur.  


Essential advice.


Migrants travelling to New Zealand using the services of Automotive Employment NZ MUST ensure they liaise with the Automotive Employment NZ consultant as to the lowest risk route possible.  Our team are monitoring every candidate travelling here.  Those candidates ignoring this advice will need to stand down from attending interviews or commencing employment for 14 days so please be open about your travel plans prior to booking flights. 

Do not book your airfares until there is agreement with your consultant and employer as to the agreed route to travel. 


Practice common sense.  Travelling through a country with higher risk is not the best option right now.