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August New Vehicle Sales Build Further on a Record Year.

August New Vehicle Sales Build Further on a Record Year.

Posted on 20th September 2016 by Russell Phillips

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David Crawford, Chief Executive Officer of the Motor Industry Association says “an already record year to date for new vehicle registrations just got stronger with the highest August registrations since 1984. August registrations of 12,677 are up 13.3% on August 2015. Year to date the market is 7.0% up on this time in 2015 and heading for another record year.  Registrations of new commercial vehicles continue to be exceptionally strong with 3,781 vehicles for the month of August, the highest month of August on record for commercial vehicles.”


For the month of August, there were 8,896 passenger and SUV vehicle registrations and 3,781 commercial vehicle registrations.


Toyota was the overall market leader for the month of August with 18% market share (2,281 units) with Ford second on 12% (1,463 units) and Holden third with 8% (1051 units).


Toyota remains the passenger car and SUV market leader for the month of August with 17% share (1,542 units), with Mazda second on 9% (813 units) and Holden third also with 9% (768 units). Ford retained the commercial vehicle market with a 23% share (861 units) followed by Toyota with 20% (739 units) and Holden third with 7% (283 units). Year to date both Ford and Toyota have 21% of the commercial market with Ford holding a slight lead with 6,218 units registered to date and Toyota with 6,055 units.


The Toyota Corolla was the top-selling passenger model for the month of August with 6% market share (535 units), followed by the Kia Sportage on 3% (295 units) and the Toyota Yaris also on 3% (289 units).


The Ford Ranger is again both the monthly top selling commercial model for August with a 19% market share (721 units) and the overall top-selling model for the month of August. The Toyota Hilux was the second best commercial model with a 13% market share (486 units) with the Nissan Navara at 7% (273 units).  Year to date the Ford Ranger retains its lead as the top selling commercial model with 19% market share (5,646 units) followed by the Toyota Hilux, with 15% market share (4,235 units).


The SUV segments accounted for 38% of vehicle registrations for the month of August followed by passenger segments with 32% and the light commercial segments with 25% share.


“Economic indicators remain the same as for recent months, with the strongest net immigration on record, healthy tourism sector, and a generally robust economy, all of which continues to drive sales of new vehicles a year to date beyond that expected for 2016,” said Mr. Crawford.