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With decades of experience and a global network of talent we deliver the right people to the motor industry. Whether you are looking to secure a motor industry job with your international experience or find  the right person to deliver in your business, Automotive Employment New Zealand stand by our global reach and many years of placing the right people.

John Andrew Ford is one of the largest and oldest vehicle dealerships in New Zealand. When recruitment assistance is needed Automotive Employment NZ Ltd is the first company we turn to for their ability to consistently deliver top class results.

Paul Brown - Dealer Principal, John Andrew Ford

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Migrating to New Zealand

New Zealand is a land of abundant opportunity and Automotive Employment NZ is the gateway to access hundreds of motor industry jobs.

The automotive market here in New Zealand is booming. Recruitment of skilled staff such as diesel mechanics, automotive technicians, vehicle sales personnel, and motor industry managers is a challenge for employers in NZ.

Automotive Employment NZ fill our job vacancies from local New Zealand talent and supplement skills shortages with skilled migrants from the United Kingdom, South Africa, The United States of America, Australia, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. We also actively encourage applications from outside our traditional recruitment markets.

Welcome to the start of your journey. Thousands of motor industry migrants moving to New Zealand have successfully followed this path before you.

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