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West Coast

Greymouth including Westport and Buller.

Population 31,000

Wake up to the West Coast. A land teeming with natural wonders, untamed wilderness, warm welcoming people and more wildlife than you can shake a stick at.

Surfing, rafting, climbing, glaciers, a world heritage national park like no other, kayaking, trout fishing, hot pools, spectacular alpine rivers, transalpine adventures, world-class walking tracks and so much more. This is the home for the adventurous among you and those that wish to find the lost population of the worlds most friendly population.

Greymouth is the largest town on the West Coast. During the last century, the town was the focus of the Westland gold boom, and until the 1920s supported the country’s coal mining industry. Timber has also been important to the town. Other major towns apart from Greymouth include Westport and Buller.

The close community spirit makes living in this region a “heartland experience.” A place where you will find the true spirit of Kiwi hospitality, down to earth people and a pace of life the envy of most.

We do list roles in this region but most placements are made by those wishing to move there making contact with us.

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