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Wellington “Absolutely Positively Wellington”

Population: 449,000

As one of the countries major cities, Wellington has a unique population mix with more people aged 20 to 34 than other areas of New Zealand. The city is nestled into the South end of the North Island and is surrounded by hills and valleys.
Wellington city is the capital of New Zealand with the Beehive being the executive offices of the New Zealand Government. The city is scenic and considered to have the best restaurants and coffee bars in the country; it is also the home of “Te Papa” the museum of New Zealand, the departure point for the Inter-Island ferries and has an international airport.

This place has a feel about it, perhaps its the age group of its inhabitants, the absolutely positively Wellington tag line or just the people but a visit to Wellington is always rewarded with so much happening.  The always seems to be concerts, sporting events and cultural activities going on and so much to see and do.

Wellington has a large motor industry there are abundant vacancies in many areas for all sectors of industry.  Those living in Wellington love it, perhaps the only downside is the wind which is commonly commented on.  This is perhaps easily overshadowed by the spectacular countryside surrounding Wellington.

Wellington has much to so much to be seen and so much to do.

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