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Hawkes Bay

Hawkes Bay: Wine Country with high sunshine hours

Population: 147,000

Located on the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island, Hawke’s Bay Wine Country is New Zealand’s leading food and wine region. With over 2200 hours of sunshine, Hawke’s Bay is a year-round holiday destination with an eclectic mix of visual and sensory experiences see;

Hawkes Bay sits on the east coast of the central North Island and is a beautiful place to both live and visit. You will find wildlife centres, parks and gardens and both trout and sea fishing and hunting for those inclined, Gannet colonies and spectacular walking tracks backing onto the other side of Te Urewera National Park and Cape Kidnappers. The Hawkes Bay and in particular Gisborne boasts to be the first in the world to see sunshine each morning. While the Chatham Islands (off the east coast of New Zealand) in fact is the first to have this privilege, Hawkes Bay certainly has the privilege of being the first mainland to enjoy the sunshine.

This area is growing and along with it so is the motor industry.  The dealerships are impressive for a small city and pretty much the whole suite of jobs are available much of the time.  Migrants placed in this district report loving the lifestyle and frankly, it is easy to see why.

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