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Tauranga City: “Enjoy your own 21-kilometre golden sand ocean beach”

Population: 130,000

One of the fastest growing cities in New Zealand is Tauranga City and it is little wonder why this region is so popular given the gorgeous 21 kilometres Mt Maunganui Beach. The mount as it is called is a short distance out of the main centre. Mt Maunganui is a golden sand beach which has rolling sand dunes starting approximately halfway down the beach; it is a popular surf beach and a trendy Christmas holiday spot.

The White Island King Fish run is an experience that any keen fisherman in New Zealand should not miss. The list of activities just goes on and on. Tauranga is also closely situated next to the Kaimai Mamaku ranges which allow for some of the best tramping (hiking) in the North Island. With a network of backcountry huts through the ranges, overnight bush experiences with the family or more ambitious expeditions for the more experienced trampers provide an experience that will not be forgotten. The ranges have some of New Zealand’s biggest Kauri trees, trout-filled streams, stunning rivers curling through canyons and spectacular views from some of the higher points in the ranges which provides views as far as Auckland in the North to Rotorua in the South. There is no reason for anyone to claim boredom in Tauranga there is just so much to do.

The city also boasts great restaurants and nightlife and has a wonderful cafe scene around the hub of the Mount retail business district. A range of pools for the kids including hot pools, slides and day spas for adults are also featured.

Tauranga Harbour is a popular cruise ship destination and also New Zealand’s most active Port. With great schools, hospitals and more it is a fantastic family destination. The area is particularly well known for growing tangelos (a grapefruit/tangerine cross) and kiwifruit. More recently areas surrounding Mt Maunganui such as Papamoa have become home to upmarket housing and commercial developments.

Drivers for employment in Tauranga include agriculture, international shipping/marine, and economic growth eventuating from positive migration gains. Automotive dealerships, farm machinery centres and franchise truck sites are all represented here and some are large sites.  A particularly strong heavy diesel sector has emerged as a result of the success of Tauranga Harbour. Talk further to your consultant to assess the number of vacancies present at any given time.

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