NZ time: Friday 14th December 2018, 4:28AM


2017 breaks 26 year old record for the single highest lift in industry remuneration rates!

Every year Automotive Employment [NZ] Limited updates our opinion on where the wage and salaries are positioned for virtually every job title in the motor industry nationally.  For motor industry employees, 2017 has proven to provide the single biggest jump in remuneration rates.  Hardly a single category of employment was not positively impacted by those working in the industry.

As leaders in New Zealand motor industry recruitment with a national client base across all sectors of industry, our opinion of the the wage and salary rates reflect the knowledge of our consultants who have decades of experience recruiting in the New Zealand motor industry.  The team then checks for information compiled against all placements made during the year leading up to the review.

We respect there are many opinions as to what is the correct rate for any particular role.  These are our opinions as at September 21, 2017.   We have also provided scales and indicated where market forces may impact remuneration rates.

Common sense should always be applied, the size of an employer organisation, the location, your qualifications and your skills should all be considered.

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