NZ time: Friday 26th April 2019, 2:34AM

Immigration Processing

New recommendations for immigration processing

New recommendations for processing work permits have been implemented by Automotive Employment NZ Ltd to ensure compliance with the immigration advisers licensing ACT 2007.

Previously Automotive Employment NZ Ltd and staff were able to process permits free of charge for new migrants. Changes to legislation have however made this a complicated process as without being a licensed immigration advisor Automotive Employment NZ is unable to argue technicalities that inevitability emerge when dealing with NZ immigration. We encourage those seeking to move to NZ to first read the following article posted on the Immigration NZ website Thursday, 2nd April 2009.

From 4 May 2009, the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007 requires that anyone who provides immigration advice in New Zealand must have a license from the Immigration Advisers Authority, unless they are exempt from the requirement to hold a license. From 4 May 2009, Immigration New Zealand will refuse to accept applications from unlicensed onshore advisers. From 4 May 2010, offshore advisers giving advice to people seeking visas or permits will also have to be licensed.

From 4 May 2009, Immigration New Zealand will refuse to accept applications from unlicensed onshore advisers. If an onshore adviser acting on behalf of an immigration client is not on the Register of licensed advisers (or not exempt), their application will be returned failed lodgment, and we will advise the Registrar of the Immigration Advisers Authority. Advisers who are awaiting a licensing decision from the Registrar are considered unlicensed.

To comply with this legislation Automotive Employment NZ Limited ask our off shore job seekers and those in NZ requiring permits to proceed in the following manner.

  • Step 1. Contact Automotive Employment NZ Ltd to register your interest in applying for work here in New Zealand. A job offer in many cases may be critical to your application.
  • Step 2. Automotive Employment NZ Ltd will commit to providing a detailed reply advising on the likelihood of us assisting you and which areas we are able to do so.
  • Step 3. Once an offer of employment is made those requiring permits or residency will be introduced to the immigration consultancy approved by Automotive Employment NZ Ltd.