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Pathway Eligibility Assessment

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Pathway Eligibility Assessment

For many of us, before we find a job, it pays to learn what pathways to residency a job offer may provide.  If you head down the wrong path you may not reach your destination.  A pathway eligibility assessment is essentially a map directing you the correct way prior to embarking on your journey. 

If you would like our licensed immigration adviser to assess your visa options, please complete the following questionnaire. Vanessa will arrange a time to meet you in person or by Skype for an initial consultation followed by a written eligibility assessment outlining your options for suitable visas for you and your family. The fee for this is $250, which is credited off the cost of your visa fee if you proceed with our services.  Remember by submitting this form you are requesting a paid service from our Licensed Immigration Adviser.  The payment will be requested prior to the consultation taking place so you need to consider what point of the process you are at.  It may pay to consider for an example of whether it is better to investigate your employment options first with our consultants.  

The services of the Automotive Employment NZ licensed immigration adviser are an in-demand service.  The quality of service is high and fees are low.  Demand sometimes exceeds our ability to provide the service.  If we are unable to provide the quality of service delivery due to peak demands please ask our adviser for recommendations on who may be the next best-licensed immigration adviser to use.

The is no cost to click the link below, this will simply open up the immigration questionnaire form.  We do ask that your enquiry is serious though and that you understand you are requesting an immigration pathway assessment for which you will be charged NZ$250 once our immigration adviser makes contact with you.     

To start the questionnaire please click here