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Branch Development Manager - Used Vehicle Group

  • Hands-on trading role developing existing & new branch operations
  • Essential to have a strong used vehicle sales management background
  • Strategic involvement in wider business development

Job reference - 3212


About the employer

The Directors of this New Zealand-owned operation have grown volume and profitability. The second stage of development is underway; the two branches are set to become a few branches and they need additional skills to achieve this.

What the role entails

This is no backroom analyst’s role with a closed-door policy; it is a trading role. While funding is in place to drive forward with the growth of new branch operations, the first step is to increase profitability at the company’s primary branch. This will require hands-on work with your sales team and acting in the capacity of Sales Manager management. Your role is principally profit generation and the following is a brief of what you will need to achieve now and in the future as the expansion rolls out.


You will be involved in a range of activities but initially you will commence as the Sales Manager of the primary branch. You will work with the Directors to ensure this branch thrives, all while planning for the opening of the new branch. From here you will take over as Branch Manager, build the sales, and start planning to open the next branch. You will be a pivotal member of the management team moving forward involved in the planning and implementation to ultimately achieve the goal of multiple branch operations.

You will need to already possess the skills to complete the following duties:


  • Energised management of sales activities
  • Pricing and appraisal of vehicles
  • Sourcing quality NZ new and used vehicle stock (in conjunction with the Directors)
  • Introducing new and profitable sourcing opportunities to complement existing used vehicle stock (in conjunction with the Directors)
  • Operations management ensuring stock presentation is held to a high standard
  • Cost control and organisation of individual vehicles to ensure pre-sale preparation is both completed to an acceptable standard and that vehicles return premium profits when sold
  • Stock control and competent management of outdated stock disposals (in conjunction with the Directors)
  • Involvement in digital marketing, social media marketing and strategies, dealer management systems, and more general advertising and marketing initiatives (in conjunction with the Directors)
  • Sales training of structured direct selling methods and response training and control of digital, email and phone enquiry
  • Recruitment and sourcing of personnel applicable to your role (in conjunction with Directors)
  • Management of after sales processes (in conjunction with Directors)
  • There is a content of weekend work applicable to this role


The background required to secure this role

You will need to be currently employed in the motor industry in a role such as Branch Manager or Sales Manager. This role will require the skills of a highly accomplished vehicle trader with considerable business acumen. Sorry, but applicants must possess a retail motor industry background to be considered.

The challenge and reward

Perhaps the most attractive aspect to this role will prove the challenge and reward that will come from working with the Directors in the achievement of the overall growth and mentoring objectives.

Success will be measured both in profitability, achievement of operational efficiencies, and company growth. In turn, this is an unparalleled opportunity; not only will this role provide an attractive financial reward now, but the achievement of success will deliver a long-term career, the full potential of which could become life changing.

How to apply and closing date

If you are viewing this ad online, the best method of application is to upload your resume through the 'Apply Now' section of this ad as this guarantees the employer can view your application. You can also email

Please note:
1. All applications will be acknowledged upon application
2. Applications must be received by the closing date which is May 20th, 2018. To be considered for this role, applications need to be received prior to this date
3. Processing of applications begins on May 21st, 2018 when a second acknowledgement of the commencement of processing will be provided
4. All applications will be forwarded to the client unless otherwise requested

For more information or a confidential discussion, you can call Russell Phillips from mobile or landline on Freephone 0800 67 57 47, or 027 479 0000.

Applicants are also welcome to email to request a job description

8 May 2018

Work Type:
Full Time
  • Sales >> Sales Manager - Light Automotive
  • Sales >> Business Development Manager