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Executive & Senior Management

After Sales Managers, Dealer Principals, General Managers, Service Directors, Regional Managers, CEO’s CFO’s

Wage and Salary rates as of May 8,2020

Please note: as Automotive Employment NZ Ltd has attempted to be as accurate as possible and to provide guidelines for the most popular sectors of the New Zealand motor industry but take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. Any hiring decision should be based on a range of knowledge from a variety of sources.

Due to the impacts of COVID-19 workers are on average receiving 20% to 40% less than the rates listed due to consultation agreements which are commonly being rolled out as the virus disrupts the economic cycle. 

Senior Managers are being expected to lead by example.  Rates are presently the most impacted in the motor industry with some reports slashing executive incomes by upto 50% in COVID-19. 

After Sales Manager

Smaller franchise site with 15 or less staff where manager holds both Parts and Service Managers role.  $95000 to $140’000

Larger operations where After Sales Manager has a Parts and Service Manager reporting to them $120’000 to $200’000

Service Director

Assuming multi-branch reports Service Directors roles range from $150’000 to $250’000

Chief Financial Officer: [CFO]

$150’000 to $450’000 A huge variance exists dependent on the size of the operation. Multi-site financial responsibility with significant strategic planning involvement for an example will obviously attract rates higher than a stand-alone site. Vacancies at the higher end are extremely rare and likely only ever available in the NZ motor industries largest corporate companies.

Dealer Principal – Franchise Dealerships

During 2018 to 2019 unprecedented movement in remuneration has occurred in the executive placement category.

Employees or Job seekers in this field need to consider roles can differ significantly when it comes to the responsibilities held. So too can remuneration. Your experience, proven record of achievement and responsibilities may all combine to provide an income both greater and less than indicated below.

15 to 20 staff, franchise site. The $150’000 to $225,000 package will have an element of at risk content, $85000 to $120’000 base with the remainder at risk.  The role includes a company vehicle.  Such roles are perhaps more correctly referred to as Branch Managers.

20 to 30 Staff. $160’000 to $275,000. Base increases to around $120’000 to $130’000 but will still require some at-risk content.

30 to 50 staff: Income circa $170’000 to $350’000 Base will around 140’000 and achievement of total income estimation will be dependent on achieving predetermined KPI’s.

50 to 70 staff. Income circa $250’000 to $380’000 Base increases to approximately $150’000 to $170’000; achievement of total income estimation will be dependent on achieving predetermined KPI’s.

70 to 90 staff. Income circa $270’000 to $400,000 Base likely to be between $160’000 to $200,000. Achievement of total income estimation will be dependent on achieving predetermined KPI’s.

90 to 250 staff $300’000 to $550’000. Base likely to increase to $180’000 to $250’000. An individual assessment of each role is required as location and the style of operation will contribute to the overall findings, contact Russell Phillips.

Higher Executive Roles – Phone Russell Phillips for an assessment based on comparative statistics.
General Management and Regional Management in other industry sectors
Variances in responsibility exist between aftermarket and OEM operations in a wide variety of motor industry operations including the heavy equipment, heavy transport and parts sectors of industry.

​It is impossible to provide one broad brush covering rates in this area which will be open to debate. Instead, employers seeking guidance in this area as to appropriate rates should discuss requirements and likely available talent with consultancy director Russell Phillips. Once we have completed an assessment of responsibilities we will be able to provide our opinion of the remuneration scale.