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National Parts support roles, Warranty Administrators, Dealer Operations and District Managers, National Parts and Service Managers, National After Sales Managers, General Manager -Sales, General Management and Chief Executive Officers

Updated March 3, 2021 

Please note: Automotive Employment NZ Ltd has attempted to be as accurate as possible and to provide guidelines for the most popular sectors of the New Zealand motor industry but take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. Any hiring decision should be based on a range of knowledge from a variety of sources.

​Employees should note that while these rates may provide a guide, to gain an accurate indication of rates you may need to consider how your skills and experience compare to others in the workplace. Your work performance, the stability of overall employment, knowledge of the product, development of your skills and or qualifications, personal grooming, communication skills and the length of service you have extended to your current employer may all impact on potential earnings. These aspects of your employment should also be weighed against the economic conditions prevailing in the location you work or intend to move to.

Offshore candidates should note rates and salaries are quoted in New Zealand dollars. Please also check the date above as information provided is current only to this date.

Incentives and Bonuses

The vast majority of New Zealand motor distributors operate incentive plans or bonuses.  Usually, these bonus payments are linked to overall company performance.  Usually, payments are made, or not made, as may be the case, at year-end. These bonus payments are in addition to the rates outlined in this report.

National Internal Parts Support: $67’000 to $78’000.

This is an internal dealer support role for the parts sector. Candidates selected for these roles generally possess superior interpretation skills and require +5 years’ experience. Those applying for these roles are often sourced from within the dealer network. Depending on location, applicants with these skills will be earning between $45’000 and $65’000. The median is $55’000. The role at distributor level is generally viewed as career progression hence the estimate of $63’000 to $67’000. As the role is internal, no company car is usually supplied. The extreme high end of this remuneration bracket can extend as high as $85’000.  Usually, this denotes the content of parts purchasing and or more senior responsibilities.

National Warranty Administrators $62’000 to $73’000.  Extreme high-end rates $78’000

Rates assume the warranty administrators have no staff reports.  The role is a support role assisting with the processing and authorisation of the dealer network warranty claims.

Dealer Operations Manager Service and or Parts, also known as District Service or After Sales manager $95’000 to $140,000

This role involves external representation and visits to the dealer network. Typically Dealer Operations Managers in the after sales sector are consulting with dealership aftersales operations on issues that lead to an improvement in the customer experience and dealership aftersales profitability.

Dealer Operations Manager Sales – Also known as District Sales Manager 95’000 to 140,000. The base should be scoped at around $85’000 to $95000 with an OTE of $115’000 to $140’000.  The Bonus content should be aligned with a  reasonably achievable K.P.I  structure. 

The role involves territory management of multiple prime market areas and personal visitation of dealerships with the primary responsibility of lifting dealership sales performance and standards.

There is a large disparity between the lower and upper band. Distributors nationally provide remuneration providing an OTE of between $95’000 and $130’000. The higher rates are reflective of the more senior responsibilities often required by those who represent more established brands. A company vehicle is provided for both work and “reasonable” personal use.  Kiwi saver is usually provided in addition to the overall income and not calculated as part of the overall income.

Technical Field Representative
$75’000 to $95’000

A company vehicle is provided for both work and “reasonable” personal use.  Kiwi saver is usually provided in addition to the overall income and not calculated as part of the overall income.

National Service Manager- 110’000 to $200,000 

Roles with leading National Distributors tend to remunerate between $110’000 and $200,000 although the upper end is rarely paid.

At the lower end of the scale, National Service Manager employed by lower volume National Distributors may also have duties more commonly aligned to the activities of a Dealer Operations Manager.

A company vehicle is provided for both work and “reasonable” personal use.  Kiwi saver is usually provided in addition to the overall income and not calculated as part of the overall income.

National Sales Manager: $140’000 to $250,000

Essentially a National Sales Manager’s role with Dealer Operations Sales Executives and support personnel reporting to the Sales Manager. A lower volume brand may remunerate as low as $110’000 for this role however the norm is $140’000 to up to $250,000

National After Sales Manager $120’000 to $200’000

With overall responsibility for National Parts and Service, this role is usually only applicable to the high volume National Distributors.  The National Parts and National Service Manager commonly report to the National After Sales Manager.

At the lower end of the scale, it is possible a smaller low volume distributor has a National After Sales Manager managing both parts and service. These roles are uncommon.

At the top end of the scale, e.g.$150’000 to $200’000, the National After Sales Manager is a member of the executive team and has full management responsibly for both service and parts operations.

General Manager Sales: $200’000 to $300,000

This role is generally relevant to larger distributors.  The National Sales Manager and National Parts Manager will often report to the General Manager of Sales with strategic relationships also existing between National After Sales Manager and General Manager/CEO.

This role is not to be confused with the General Manager or CEO listed below.  It is limited to sales and marketing functions.

Motor Distributor General Manager/Chief Executive Officer [Higher Executive] 

Data has been analysed and we have represented executives’ roles at this level to provide comparative analysis. Global comparisons can also be provided.  As research is required in every assignment or remuneration scope at this level all enquiries would be treated in strict confidentiality must be directed to Automotive Employment NZ Director – Russell Phillips