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Wage and Salary Rates for Administration, support, financial control and financial management

UPDATED March 3, 2021  

Please note: Automotive Employment NZ Ltd has attempted to be as accurate as possible and to provide guidelines for the most popular sectors of the New Zealand motor industry but take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. Any hiring decision should be based on a range of knowledge from a variety of sources.

​Employees should note that while these rates may provide a guide, to gain an accurate indication of rates you may need to consider how your skills and experience compare to others in the workplace. Your work performance, the stability of overall employment, knowledge of the product, development of your skills and or qualifications, personal grooming, communication skills and the length of service you have extended to your current employer may all impact on potential earnings. These aspects of your employment should also be weighed against the economic conditions prevailing in the location you work or intend to move to.

Offshore candidates should note rates and salaries are quoted in New Zealand dollars. Please also check the date above as information provided is current only to this date.

Median $55,000

Remuneration will be dependent on previous experience but the range is generally from $50,000 to $65,000. The extreme end of the range is $70,000

Vehicle Clerk
Median $58,000

Involved in the after sales processing of vehicle sales documentation the vehicle clerk process vehicle orders, warranty documentation, registration and similar such documentation. The role is usually a support role to the sales manager or finance and insurance salesperson. The role usually pays in the vicinity of $55,000 through to $68’000 and is largley salaried.  The base salary usually start at around $50'000 and progresses.

General Administration
Median $55,000 to $65’000

Accounts Administration
With basic financial administrative duties, these roles remunerate from $50,000 to $70,000.

Office Manager
Median $78,000

The range is between $70,000 to $90,000 with the more extreme end range being $95,000. Please note this is an office manager of a small dealership or similar.

Financial Controller/Accountant
Median $150,000

These roles usually pay around $100,000 to $180,000 with a company car.

Chief Financial Officer: [CFO]

$140’000 to $350’000 dependent on the size of the operation. Multi-site financial responsibility with significant strategic planning involvement for an example will obviously attract rates higher than a stand-alone site. Vacancies at the higher end are extremely rare and likely only ever available in the NZ motor industries largest corporate companies.