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Kim Simpson

Kim Simpson

Senior Motor Industry Recruitment Executive

Kim Simpson has focused her career on motor industry recruitment since 1993 and is globally recognised as one of the more experienced and competent in this field.

As Senior Consultant at the Automotive Employment NZ consulting practice, she assists in the leadership of the company, training for the consulting team and personally recruits at all levels.

Having first joined the Automotive Employment NZ team in 2007, Kim previously owned her own multi-divisional recruitment consultancy in Gauteng, South Africa where she once again personally specialised in motor industry recruitment.

International experience in both the United Kingdom and South Africa makes Kim a popular choice with offshore candidates seeking to relocate. Her knowledge of immigration issues is exemplary.

Kim in her own right is one of New Zealand’s best connected Motor Industry Recruiters with national clients throughout New Zealand and a global network of contacts internationally. She is known for her work in the following areas: Key Appointment Recruitment, Best Practice Recruitment Strategy, Technical Search, Immigration, and Advanced Psychological Assessment Interpretations.