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Jo Ann Robinson

Jo Ann Robinson

General Manager

Jo-Ann Robinson originally came to New Zealand after a lengthy tenure in the South African retail motor industry - the last 12 years with Honda South Africa’s top franchise site.

She led the team to win the best dealership in South Africa 4 times and was top Sales Manager for South Africa in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018, making the transition into automotive recruitment seamless.

Jo-Ann and her family migrated to New Zealand for a better life. During this journey, Jo-Ann learnt all the subtleties of migration and is consequently well equipped to assist in issues relating to employment as they pertain to immigration alongside Automotive Employment NZ’s Principal Licensed Immigration Adviser, Vanessa Godbaz.

Quickly establishing herself as a top automotive recruiter Jo-Ann was then promoted to a Recruitment Manager role and now holds the General Manager position for Jobcorp NZ Ltd which is the parent company for Jobcorp Immigration, Automotive Employment NZ and Property Employment NZ.

Jo leads the entire Jobcorp team across 3 divisions with involvement in recruitment, immigration (in conjunction with the Principal Licensed Immigration Adviser), business development, and operations alongside the Jobcorp company Director for Jobcorp NZ, Automotive Employment NZ, and Jobcorp Immigration.

Her role not only finds her involved in leading the frontline activities, but she is responsible for building the scale and systems of the company and frontline recruitment.

Whether your background is here in New Zealand or offshore in the technical trades, management, or sales in either the light automotive or heavy diesel sector, or with the retail or national distributor network, Jo-Ann will prove to possess the in-depth knowledge required to assist.

Jo Ann Robinson