NZ time: Thursday 23rd November 2017, 10:04PM


MIA and VIA formally agree to join forces

David Vinsen


The MIA (Motor Industry Association) and VIA (the Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association) have today confirmed their agreement to cooperate on matters of shared interest, announcing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between their associations.

The MoU records their agreed working relationship, while respecting each association’s autonomy and separate constituencies: New Zealand’s new and used vehicle import industries, respectively.

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People Voted and Bought Vehicles in September.

David Crawford


David Crawford, Chief Executive Officer of the Motor Industry Association says, “the traditional slowdown in new vehicle registrations during an election period failed to materialise in September. Monthly registrations of 14,507 vehicles was the strongest month of September on record. Registrations were 10.4% (11,165 units) year to date above this time in 2016 and for the month were up 4.5% (623 units) on September 2016.

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2017 breaks 26 year old record for the single highest lift in industry remuneration rates!

Every year Automotive Employment [NZ] Limited updates our opinion on where the wage and salaries are positioned for virtually every job title in the motor industry nationally.  For motor industry employees, 2017 has proven to provide the single biggest jump in remuneration rates.  Hardly a single category of employment was not positively impacted by those working in the industry.

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August 2017 New Vehicle Registrations Remain Strong.

David Crawford


David Crawford, Chief Executive Officer of the Motor Industry Association says, “Registration of 11,631 vehicles for the month of July were marginally up 0.5% (61 units) on this time last year. Year to date the new vehicle sector is 12.6% (10,033 units) ahead of this time last year with 90,737 vehicles registered compared to 80,704 to the end of July 2016.”


Passenger car and SUV registrations of 7,605 units were down 1.0% (80 units) on July 2016.

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World’s 10 Most Prosperous Countries

Auckland night


These are the top 10 most prosperous countries according to the Legatum Institute whose mission is to promote policies that lift people from poverty to prosperity. The study ranked countries across nine key metrics.

The 10th most prosperous nation is the United Kingdom. It’s strong business economy allowed it to crack the top 5 in that category.

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Fieldays Drives June Registrations of New Vehicles to An All Time Record.

David Crawford


David Crawford, Chief Executive Officer of the Motor Industry Association says, “Registration of 15,985 vehicles for the month of June is not only the strongest month of June ever but also sets a new monthly record for any month of the year. The previously single strongest month was October 2016 when there were 14,709 new vehicles registered. Year to date the new vehicle sector is 14.

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Auckland’s Economic Growth

Auckland’s economic growth is “spectacular” and an extra 60,000 jobs were added to the country’s financial powerhouse in the last year, according to a new report.


David Norman, Auckland Council’s chief economist, revealed Auckland’s growing strength in his latest Auckland Economic Quarterly publication and he included some good news for wage earners.


“Auckland’s GDP grew at 4.

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February 2017 New Car Sales Growth as Expected

Sales Up

David Crawford, Chief Executive Officer of the Motor Industry Association says “Registration data for February shows growth in the new vehicle sector continues as expected. Monthly registrations of 11785 vehicles is the strongest February on record and is up 14.3% (1472 units) on February 2016.”


For the month of February 2017, passenger car and SUV registrations of 8052 units were up 12% (860 units) on February 2016.

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Optimism permeates New Zealand labour market


The Westpac McDermott Miller Employment Confidence Index rose 2.6 points in the December quarter to 112.7.

“New Zealanders have become more optimistic about the state of the labour market,” said Westpac Acting Chief Economist Michael Gordon. “This comes against a backdrop of strong economic growth that has seen job opportunities continuing to increase.”

“Increases in employment confidence have been broad based,” said Mr Gordon.

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